Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice Little Monday

After recuperating from an Easter weekend filled with egg hunts, jelly belly's, chocolate bunny's and brunch buffets,  I decided to take Monday off and relax.

So what i've decided to do today is clean, cook, bake, and read. All of which I enjoy :)

I've done about 4 loads of laundry so far and it's only noon but I don't mind because there's nothing like having your entire wardrobe fresh and clean, smelling of eucalyptus and chamomile.  
For lunch I threw together a whole wheat pasta salad for my fiance and I. He works from home so he was thrilled to have a home made treat for lunch, rather then his usual coffee and salami sandwich. 
After recently completing the Master Cleanse, I have eliminated all things white (i.e. white baking flour, white flour tortilla chips, white rice, etc.) from my kitchen substituting with multi-grain, whole wheat, brown rice, blue corn chips and so on. So for the pasta salad  I used organic whole-wheat pasta and about every veggie I could find in my frig, which is usually a ridiculous amount. 
I made enough for leftovers so I could take some for lunch tomorrow, and the next day, rather than spending money and buying lunch next door at whole foods!
Next, a home manicure. I think I'm going to go with OPI's Brainiac. It's a rich coral, perfect for spring.  
And then baking some organic banana blueberry bread.  I add blueberries because I love them and use part almond meal or whole wheat flour instead of all white flour and all organic ingredients. It's healthier for you and taste so much better! 

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