Monday, May 10, 2010

Under the Weather

Feeling sick is no fun.

After a weekend of packing up our apartment and celebrating my birthday, I woke up feeling sore, congested, and  just plain yucky. What a terrible way to start the work week.

So I decided to go into work bright and early to check my emails, voice mails and calendar to make sure the place would survive in my absence.  Everything seemed fine, and actually pretty slow for a Monday morning so I excused myself and headed home to my fiance, and my california king.

After hours upon hours of sleep, I finally was able to consume a small jamba juice, a piece of multi-grain toast, and a plain pancake with a dab of melted butter. (Breakfast for lunch or dinner is so comforting, I just had to indulge just one hot cake for my "lunch" today.) For dinner tonight, if I can make it to dinner, my fiance's going to make us sausage and veggie  soup. The thought of warm, salty vegetable broth, with a side of greasy grilled cheese sounds like just what the Dr. ordered.  

In the mean time, I'm starting to get cabin fever and my fiance suggested that we go for a short walk around the block to get some ginger ale and some crackers. And despite my current appearance, faded brown velour pj pants and stretched out purple Old Navy long sleeve, I actually thought it sounded like a good idea. The windy cool air sounds refreshing right now. I just hope I don't see anyone I know! And maybe some hot tea when we get back. Mmm......

After our walk, I'm going to melt back into position in front of the tv, watch some re-runs of Tori & Dean, maybe take a hot bath, and wait until the house smells of veggie broth and melted cheese. That's my que to eat, then sleep, and anticipate waking up tomorrow feeling brand new. Let's hope.

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