Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally! Everything is starting to come together! For my wedding that is! 4 months from today I'll be a married woman!

Videographer booked, dress bought, hotel accomodations set. There are only a few items left that need to be in order. With that being said, anyone know a good wedding DJ, that's NOT all over the mic? I can't stand going to a wedding and hearing the DJ talk over the music, telling his life story to the wedding guests. Sorry buddy, no one cares.

Anyway here's the list of items that still need fine tuning:
~research & book DJ
~ Final proof of invitation approved & sent off to printers
~ Order candy for candy buffet
~Buy shoes, brooch, & earrings for myself & dress
~research & book hair stylist & make-up artist
~Book limos & vintage car
And I'm sure a few more items that I'm forgetting for the minute!

I'm so excited!

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