Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Family That Cooks Together, Stays Together.

My Husband and I are both foodies. We love dining out and trying new hot spots around town. And living in the East Bay (Bay Area) there's certainly no shortage of cultural findings for food around here.
As much fun as we have eating out, for special occasions and date nights, there's nothing like making a home cooked meal, together at Home. There's no price tag I could put on spending time with my Best Friend, being creative together in the kitchen, making memories, and sharing laughs over a glass of wine. And lucky me, my Husband knows how to throw a meal together like a Pro.
Last Sunday, I had a hanckering for home-made cut-out sugar cookies. I got pretty jazzed about the whole idea too. Thinking of all the possbilities - which cookie cutters I wanted to use, what color frostings I had to have, and which sprinkles to decorate with. What was so cute about it all, my Husband asked if he could help. So he rolled the dough and I cleaned up the mess behind him. We laughed and teased each other about the huge mess we made, both covered in flour, and our lack of cookie decorating, but the cookies tasted scrumptious and we shared hugs, and laughs together while making them.

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