Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glass Half Full. Always.

My favorite time of day, during the work week, is when I make the short 6 mile drive from my house to work in the morning. 

I feel a sense of safety, privacy, and control when I'm in my car alone. I turn on whatever songs I want to play, however high of volume I want to hear them, which usually happens to be loud. The louder, the better for the soul, the more I feel the song, the music, the lyrics. It's what I've always done.  I ride onto the freeway, which is usually packed with  people going to work and dropping off children at schools. I dance. I boogie. I smile and wave.
I let cars merge in front of. There's no rush, we're all going the same speed, sharing the same road, in the same moment. We'll all get where we're going eventually.

I exit off at Grand Ave.

I pass by an elementary school with crossing guards on each corner. They look like jolly old men, happy and honored to keep the streets safe, from the hustle and bustle of traffic around them.  They wave and talk to their regular morning walkers and bikers.  Make small talk, share a smile with someone they probably hardly know, but see every morning. It makes me happy to see their smiles. They most love their job-talking to people, keeping the children and other pedestrians safe. How rewarding.

I drive along the lake.

It's so beautiful in the morning, with the sun reflecting off of it. Sometimes I see rowers practicing. I notice all the passer byers walking along the sidewalks, dressed in suites and warm coats to keep them warm from the cold morning air.  Some wearing earphones, most just enjoying the natural morning sounds. I see a man, he's their every morning, feeding all the geese on the grass along side the lake. There must be 50 of them. That must make him so happy. And it makes me happy to see him take the time to do such a deed. Then again, maybe he has no one else to take care of, but the geese. You just never no someones story, unless you take the time to listen and get to know them.

I get to work.

I go about my morning routines. Flick the lights on, turn my heater on, check emails. At about 10 o'clock exercise lets out, right outside my office. Residents are chatting away, some pour a fresh cup of coffee, and some read the daily bulletins on the community boards. Mr. D peeks into my office to say Hello. He does this every morning. Usually it's a high five or a quick have wonderful day Anne-Marie! Sometimes he serenades me with a little jingle. (The man can sing) But today, he came in with the biggest grin on his face. I couldn't help myself but to return the gesture. So I smile, wide, with a big silly grin. Seeing him every morning makes me happy. It's one of the many reminders why I love what I do.

I drive home. Play music loud, smile, and give thanks for another productive day at work.
I get Home. I see my cat, I feel the warmth from the heater. I hug my Husband, my Best Friend, my everything. 
And I unwind. I remind myself of all these things that I've seen, heard and noticed throughout my day that keeps my glass at half full. I am very grateful. I am blessed.

And I promise to always be the best person I can be and share that with the world, as best as I can.

What keeps your glass half full everyday?


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