Friday, April 2, 2010

Cup of Tea

{ Teapot from Anthropologie}

My back's been aching now for two days. It started behind my right shoulder blade and has now crept up the right side of my neck, allowing me minimal movement. Very annoying and very painful.
So here I am, at work with an hour to go, typing at my computer in my ergonomic desk chair. I'm counting down the minutes and seconds until I can be home, cozy with a warm cup of tea.

{ Tea cup from Anthropologie }

For me tea is such a comforting treat to sip on. In cold weather, it keeps me warm from head to toe. In warm weather, I pour it over ice with drops of natural agave sweetner to help cool me off on those warm sunny mornings.

I'm particularly fond of Green Tea with Lemon or Yerba Mate to give me that extra kick in the morning and any non-caffeinated organic herbal tea at night to soothe me to sleep.

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